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The TBNL Team

We are four college kids who have some fun conversations and play some dumb games. Sometimes we record them for the world to hear. We have a whole lot to say about anything you could pick out of a dictionary at random.




11312784_10205725623173041_8853735371674005001_oJustin Edwards

Williams College
Williamstown, MA
Favorite Podcast: Comedy Bang Bang
Favorite TBNL Episode: Episode 32: Every Year
The Architect: Justin has always been the guy to keep TBNL grounded. He provides the structure both in rudimentary hosting and technical set-up that the show is built around.

Here’s a clip Justin made as part of a class that explains what sports, broadcasting, and sports broadcasting have meant to him throughout his life:




11391444_10205725638453423_2823967117453680709_nAllison Perrone

James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA
Favorite Podcast: No Such Thing as a Fish
Favorite TBNL Episodes: Episode 6: Matt and the Matters; Episode 32: Every Year
The Wide-Eyed Believer: She is sometimes the only person who believes in the future of the podcast. Her willingness to accept even the craziest comments from both her co-hosts and the characters that swing by is what allows the wildness to run free.





11257189_10205725668974186_3434331440174759297_nMario Gambino

Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ
Favorite Podcasts: Dead Authors Podcast; Andy Daly Podcast Project
Favorite TBNL Episode: Episode 3: My Best Friendmonkey
The Absent-Minded Talent: He might not remember things he said minutes ago, but he brings the acting, comedy, and musical talent that make the show go And he’s got quite an eclectic bunch of “friends” who frequently pop in as guests and somehow, cause even more trouble than Mario himself.




11391270_10205725622413022_5778720049819414164_nMatt Rutala

Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ
Favorite Podcast: Elder Lore
Favorite TBNL Episodes: Episode 5: Pirates vs. Ninjas; Episode 9: Let’s Pretend Matt Has a Soul
The Voice of Reason: Matt’s confident, trustable voice has guided TBNL through many a logical jam. He provides a sensible, logical take on the insanity that defines TBNL. His answers to questions both serious and silly will remind you where the brains of the podcast lie.

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