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  1. Actually, Ollivander’s shop was different from Florean’s; Ollivander’s had no sign of a visible struggle, so there’s that. Ollivander probably just went along without fighting. Plus Florean was tortured for a possible connection to the Deathly Hallows, whereas Ollivander needed to be kept alive to make wands for people, e.g. Wormtail. I imagine Voldemort thought he’d be very useful for his wandmaking talents in the future, whereas I don’t think Voldemort cares too much for ice cream.

    Also Ron is awesome, so to whichever of you said his fans are dumb, that’s wrong.

    1. That’s a good point about Ollivander’s shop vs. Florean’s. We didn’t do much research, it was just an off the cuff conversation as is our style. We tend to go for funny over factual.
      And hey, the Ron thing was really just a joke. Albeit insulting. That’s kind of how we roll.
      Also, in the future, you can comment right on the episode posts! That way maybe you could start a discussion of the episode for others to see.
      Thanks for the comment and we hope you keep listening!

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