Season 3 comes to an end with a sampler of some of our favorite games and segments through the years: a Thinkin’ Ruckus debate, Finagle, Marry, Kill, Mad-libs, and more! Not to mention, we have our most treasured host with us again – Matt! If it sounds like he’s calling from the International Space Station, it’s because he is.

That’s another season in the books and we don’t hesitate to call it our best one yet.

Stay tuned for Season 4 of (to be named later) coming in 2016. If you’ll miss us during the hiatus, don’t worry! We always have more podcasts coming your way.

There’s a new episode of Sturgis Podmore every Friday and don’t forget Car (Toon) Talk on Wednesdays.

Also, watch for entirely new podcasts in the coming months from your favorite hosts.

Thanks for listening!

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